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SmallDairy Bookshelf New & used dairy-related books (including rare books), plus two serial

publications. Occasionally audio and video items are available.

Alliance Pastorale French site with many dairy, creamery and marketing supplies; may be a bit difficult to work with if you don’t speak French.
Caprine Supply Milking and veterinary supplies, a few books and publications, a few cheesemaking items. Strong emphasis on goats.
cheesecloth source Karen Hooper, 51 Plaza Drive, Mill Valley, CA. 94941; 415-381-9381. This was submitted by a listserve member.
cheeselabels.com Specializes in high resolution labels for cheese. Also barcodes and other promotional graphic products. No plates!
CheeseLinks Home and commercial scale cheesemaking supplier in Australia.
The Cheesemaker Specialty supplies, books and kits for making homemade Brie, Camembert and blue cheese
Cheesereporter.com Cheese Reporter is a weekly trade publication, mostly devoted to world trade in cheese, but with occasional interesting topics for the rest of us. They also sell books (mostly textbooks) and videos.
CHLA – Core Historical Literature of Agriculture A couple thousand agricultural publications are available online in digital form at this site (Cornell University Library). Digital browsing and reading is clunky but it’s a good way to peruse some titles that are hard to find in print.
Coquard Another French supplier with many items not readily available in the U.S. French language proficiency is helpful.
Dahl Tech Plastics Source of plastic bottles, recommended by e-mail list member.
Dairy Connection Formerly a culture house, Dairy Connection has expanded to include molds, books and small equipment.
Dairyland Packaging Co. Source of gift boxes imprinted with dairy cow design, with or without a holiday bow around the cow’s neck. (608) 798-2247. Other packaging available as well.
Formaticum Providers of small quantities of cheese papers for home cheesemakers. Other supplies as well.
Fromagex If you are looking for access to French cultures and equipment, try Fromagex. Their site is bilingual and personnel are very friendly. They have an excellent on-line catalogue and will special order.
Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply Another great Canadian site where you can find imported equipment and supplies, including Dutch and French items. Web site and customer service folks are bilingual and easy to work with.
The Grape and Granary Source of home cheesemaking supplies.
Grower’s Discount Labels Specializing in labels for growers and processors, Growers’ Discount Labels is fast and reliable. They can make labels from your art work or help you with your design.
Hamby Dairy Supply Books, kits and processing items can be found on Hamby’s e-Bay store.
Hoegger Goat Supply Excellent selection of home dairy supplies and equipment, new books and magazines, with emphasis on goats and homesteading.
Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop Cheesemaking supplies sold on walk-in (Ventura Hills CA) or call-in basis. No online sales.
Home Cheese Home Israeli site for home cheesemaking supplies. Owner promises it will be in English soon.
Interstate Milk Shippers
FDA site includes list of “Certified Manufacturers Of Single-Service Containers and Closures And Related Products” plus information on regulations for milk products
Khimaira Farm A rather eclectic mixture: Khimaira offers goat-oriented gifts, some obscure dairy publications, breeding stock, the Weck pasteurizer and web hosting. Khimaira hosts smalldairy.com!
Labwear Just what it says. Recommended by listserv member because they offer 100% cotton lab coats. (CT)
Lacroix Packaging
Emballages Lacroix
Bilingual Canadian web site specializing in wooden and cardboard cheese packaging.
Leener’s You-Make-Kit Popular site for home cheesemakers. Kits, supplies, cultures and a few books. Also kits for making butter, ice cream, wine, beer, sourdough, even bubble gum!
Lehman’s Many homesteaders are familiar with the Amish catalog that offered non-electric items. Now they are online with a good selection of home dairy supplies, some hard to find.
M&M Industries Source of nice food-grade buckets that can be used to transport milk and for many other farm purposes. Their web site works poorly for me but Customer Service is easy to work with.
Modesto Milling
organic feeds
Whole grains, a 16% protein lactating pellet, 13% protein pellet. We are certified by Oregon Tilth.
Moorlands Cheesemakers Cheesemaking supplier in U.K.
Nelson-Jameson This is an old, reliable Wisconsin dairy supply company. I’ve found them especially helpful when it comes to valves, laboratory supplies, hairnets, gloves and the like. Keep their catalog handy!
New England Cheesemaking Supply For years, NECS was the place to go for home cheesemaking supplies and books. They still are, but have recently expanded to offer services and equipment to small-scale commercial processors.
Presque Isle Wine My favorite site for laboratory equipment and supplies.
PureLabs Sister company to Boumatic. Specializes in sanitation chemicals. Free pocket guide when you mention smalldairy web site.
Quality Containers of
New England, Inc
Supplier of plastic and glass bottles, plus custom labeling services.
The Rag Lady Source of cheesecloth in bulk and various grades.
Recorder Charts and Pens Suppliers of temperature recorder charts and pens for chart recorders, pastuerization units, chillers and refridgeration units.
Scholle Corp Suppliers of packaging, including bag-in-a-box.
Stanpac The foremost supplier of glass milk bottles in the U.S. They also sell bottle washers and ice cream packaging.
Udderly E-Z Milker Manually operated hand-milking gadget, supposedly useful for people with arthritic hands. I have received several complaints from customers who say this doesn’t work for them and that they have difficulty getting their money back. Contact information removed because of multiple complaints.
C. van’t Reit Technology
a.k.a. Schuller (in U.S.)
Cultures, moulds, and more (also see their listing under Equipment).
Ingredients (also see Supplies)
Dairy Connection Excellent source of cultures, rennet and other dairy supplies, oriented to the small producer, now including hobbyists.
Danlac Canadian supplier with interesting assortment of cultures, enzymes and other items. Wide range of cheesemaking recipes available for $5 each, or free with culture purchase.
Heather Lane Farm certified grade B dairy that produces goat milk for local cheesemakers (near Asheville NC)
Kelley Supply Cultures and other ingredients, lab supplies, packaging and safety supplies. Web site has links to regulatory agencies.
Symbiotech Solutions Canadian culture house. Web site has nice chart listing cultures and their purposes. (Anyone have experience with them.?)
Agri Service LLC See Dairy Heritage
Alliance Pastorale French catalogue with dairy equipment to die for.
ALPMA German maker of cheese and butter equipment, available from Ivarson in US.
Analytical Technologies Milk testing equipment for fat, protein, lactose and total solids.
Anderson Instrument Co. Producers of most commonly used chart recorders for the small-scale dairy industry.
Asilmak Manufacturers of cup filling machines (Turkey)
Bequet Another French web site with a variety of cheesemaking equipment.
Bob White Systems, Inc. Technology, equipment and ideas for the small scale farmstead production and sale of artisan and super premium dairy products. (VT)
Boumatic International supplier of milking and other dairy equipment and supplies.
butter pat machine On researching for a list member looking for a small-scale butter pat machine, I found the FLAD at several culinary equipment sites
C&P Dairy Equipment Specializes in used bulk tanks. Pete Kupferschmid, (765) 455-8664 (Indiana)
Carpigiani-USA Italian-made ice cream & gelato machines, whipped cream dispensers. See Frozen Dessert University.
Cemre Makina Used dairy equipment out of Turkey; there are also links for new equipment such as filling machines.
Coburn Company Dairy farm supplies, milk processing equipment. (WI)
Cole-Parmer Laboratory equipment, good source of pH meters.
Cool Bot Thermostatic controller that turns a standard air conditioner into a cooler that works down to near freezing temperature. COOL!
Coquard French supplier with interesting equipment. Web catalogue is somewhat difficult to use, but you can order paper copy.
curdknives.com see Dairy Fab LLC
Dairy Engineering Co dairy equipment fabrication, also used equipment
Dairy Fab LLC Specializes in custom curd knives and harps, including repairs.
Dairy Heritage Manufacturer of small to mid sized dairy and cheese equipment. Also nice selection of used equipment. (Maryland)
DairyLink Easy to use web site featuring classified ads for dairy (not creamery) and farm equipment, dairy forum and links to other sites.
Danlac Cheese, butter, yogurt equipment & more. (Alberta, Canada)
Darlington Dairy Supply Design, engineering, fabrication, installation, start-up services. Cheese on Wheels modular dairy plant. (Wisconsin)
Doug Care Equipment Food processing equipment, vacuum packaging and vacuum sealers, shrink wrap machines and other types of sealing machines used by both industry and home packers & processors.
DR Tech, Inc Custom stainless steel equipment (MN)
EBR Equipment Small processing dairy equipment and engineering.
Egli AG Butter equipment manufacturer in Switzerland.
Eischen Enterprises Specializes in reconditioned equipment for dairy processing. (CA)
Emery Thompson Ice Cream Freezers Builders of batch freezers in the USA for the frozen dessert industry for over 100 years. Emery Thompson, grandfather of our President & CEO Steve Thompson, invented & patented the modern day batch freezer.
Feldmeier Equipment Small and large stainless steel fabrication. One cheesemaker in NE had them create a pasteurizer for him.
Flow Management LLC Offers high quality sanitary pump seals, valve, and replacement parts at low prices.
Francis Creek Electronics Manufacturers of dairy milking equipment, specializing in automatic take-off.
Fromagex Fromagex carries a variety of imported equipment. (Quebec, Canada)
G. W. Kent Suppliers of creamery and cheese production equipment. Looks interesting but they require you to sign up to view the catalog. (MI)
Genemco New and used food processing equipment. You can even get weekly e-mail updates. (Texas)
Girton Oakes & Burger Equipment and consultation for setup. (PA, KY, OH, NY)
Goat Head Dairy Offers old Dutch lever style (single, double or triple) and air cheese presses, as well as microperforated cheese molds. (CO)
Hamby Dairy Supply Dairy equipment, a few processing items. (Missouri)
Her itage Equipment Co New and used processing equipment (Ohio)
Hinkel Associates Used equipment in North Carolina. 800-451-3418.
Indian Tuff-Tank Custom-made pasteurizers, vats and other stainless equipment. Phone 336-272-8270. (North Carolina)
International Machinery Exchange New and used processing equipment. Custom Duo-Vat pasteurizer, filling and packaging equipment. (Wisconsin)
Ivarson, Inc Butter and cheese equipment. I’ve never had them answer an e-mail, so call if you have a question. (Wisconsin)
Jaybee Precision Makers of The Vat pasteurizer, now in both 15- and 30-gallon sizes. New models 3-A approved. Leasing and financing available.
Kleen-Flo New U.S. manufacturer of small-scale dairy processing items, including pasteurizers. Custom work available. (Indiana)
Kusel Equipment Cheese vats and other processing equipment, new and used. (Wisconsin)
Lehman Equipment Co On-line trading site for used food processing equipment, worldwide. Monthly e-mail newsletter.
Meltec Dairy equipment (animal side – no processing equipment that I see). They have many distributors nationwide.
MicroDairy Designs NEW fabricator of very small-scale commercial vat pasteurizers, 2 to 12 gallon processing capacity. PDF brochure available. Phone 301-824-3689.
Microthermics (According to them), the leading manufacturer of laboratory and small production scale pasteurizers and aseptic processing equipment. (NC)
Milking Solutions Manufacturer and supplier of spare parts and equipment for Gascoigne Melotte milking machines
Mini Turnkey Dairy Dairy equipment and consulting; Suruchi Consultants. (India)
NC State University Pasteurizer Lending Program Small pasteurizers available for one year loan with option to buy, NC residents only. $1500 refundable deposit required.
Nunsuch/2nd2Nun New 30- and 50-gallon pasteurizers.
Oystar Benhil Filling, wrapping and sealing machines.
Page & Pederson Intl Primary product of interest is the Lacti-Check Milk Analyzer, which determines fat, solids, protein, added water and density.
Parts Department New milking equipment and many parts for existing systems. (Turn your sound down before clicking on link.) Interesting “online milking school” describing how milking systems work.
Pete’s Dairy Equipment Specializes in bulk milk coolers. 765-455-8664 (IN)
Portable Milkers Dairy equipment and supplies, plus equipment for home-scale processing.
Qualtech Nice pasteurizers in sizes starting at 125 liters (about 33 gallons), plus other cheese and butter equipment. Bilingual web site. (Canada)
Rodem Processing equipment and design. (Midwest)
Rowlands Sales Co New and used processing equipment, design and setup services, reconditioning and fabrication. (Pennsylvania)
Schier Company Large inventory of used dairy processing equipment. (Oklahoma)
Stanpac Online classifieds for used bottling and other equipment.
A. Steele Co. Farmers’ market equipment – scales, cash registers, canopies, wireless credit card terminal, more.
Tetra-Pak Tetra Pak Hoyer is the world’s largest manufacturer of continuous ice cream freezers and ice cream processing equipment.
Ullmers Dairy Equipment Used dairy and processing equipment. (Wisconsin)
C. van’t Reit Technology
a.k.a. Schuller (in U.S.)
Nice 13-265 gallon (50-1000 liter) pasteurizers imported from Holland, plus cheese and butter equipment. (Pennsylvania)
Vinothèque Equipment and interactive tutorial for building a home wine cellar which, incidentally, might make a good cheese cave.
Wilpack Packaging Specializes in equipment and supplies for sealing cups with foil seals, including small table-top models. (Illinois)
Winchell Butter Churns plus other custom equipment, (608) 462-8456 (Wisconsin)
Winpak Packaging equipment.
Wisconsin Dairy Supply Primarily bulk tanks, but also carry some other used equipment. Spanish-friendly (hablan español).
Also visit the new Marketplace page for classified ads and the Virtual Tour page to see how other creameries have met the legal requirements to start a dairy processing business!
Kathy Biss (Scotland)
West Highland Dairy
cheesemaking, course instruction, general consulting
Cheese Snob consultant for those interested in learning more about marketing cheese, especially in cheese shops; on-site consultations
Peter Dixon
Dairy Foods Consulting
cheesemaking, other dairy products, facilities design,
problem resolution, course instruction
Temple Grandin livestock behavior, livestock facilities design, humane slaughter
Food Law Group
group of lawyers and former regulators who offer guidance and advice regarding federal and state laws that govern the production, processing, distribution and retail sale of food and beverages
Eldore Hanni
Farmstead Fresh Inc
training in making a variety of farmstead natural cheeses
Jim Amory
Jumpstart Cheese Resource
consulting on site, laboratory cheese analysis; 800-859-5196; click here for a PDF of the prospectus for Jumpstart
Neville McNaughton
cheesemaking, plant design, aging rooms, cheesemaker training
Margaret Morris
Glengarry Cheesemaking
cheesemaking, cultures, course instruction, floor plan design
Dave Potter
Dairy Connection
cultures specialist
Harold Schuller
C. van’t Reit Technology
a.k.a. Schuller (in U.S.)
specializes in Dutch-style cheeses, as well as excellent cheese making equipment
Dan Strongin
Edible Solutions
focus on helping small food companies make better products
and profits
Malcolm Stogo international ice cream consultant
Suruchi Consultants dairy plant engineering and consulting (India)
Tharp & Young consultants on ice cream processing
Jim Wallace consultant associated with New England Cheesemaking Suppl